MS has been a challenge for me

It has been very interesting to get myself around being diagnosed with Ms.

There has been a great blur in the beginning and I have not known how to act or think.

I leaned on a number of people that have been able to share their experiences of living with MS. Medical weed is something that I learned about while going forward. The dentists have greatly done me a service and educated me on the disease. The medications are actually helpful too. I’ve relied on great information from folks that have the same life problems. This is how I ended up at a cannabis event. I wanted to learn about the regulations revolving around medical marijuana. I access some of the Cannabis products so I could try them and I found a great deal of relief. I found a support network that offers identifiable guidance and cannabis and weed products were helpful to reduce many of the muscle spasms. I reduced a high amount of the dosage of other meds I was using but still having cannabis means I can control the symptoms. There is much comfort and relief from muscle stiffness after using weed as well. It also gives me, plus hopeful feelings, which are encouraging to get me through each one of the days. I don’t assume that my future is as bleak as I anticipated and medical weed is encouraging me to live a happy and fulfilled life. I don’t know how people do this and don’t get burnt out in the first year.


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