I found some old live resin in the storage room

My boss sent me to the basement to clean on Monday.

It was very slow at the cannabis dispensary and she was going to send me home if I didn’t find something to stay busy.

I offered to work in the basement and she sent me downstairs to clean and sort old products. We keep all of the old product in the basement, because we receive credit from the vendor if it does not get used before the expiration date. While I was in the storage room, I found a whole box of live resin. There were more than a dozen different strains in the box and they were all just past the expiration date. Literally, these grams of live resin were only three days past their expiration date. I wanted to stick the box in my jacket and go to my car, but losing my job would be a nightmare. The awful thought of looking for another fun and exciting job far outweighs my want to get away with stealing from the company. I told my boss about the live resin in the basement and she thanked me for being diligent. She took the entire box to her office, so she can call the company to request a refund. Well, that is the excuse she gave me. For all I know, she might take the box home just like I was thinking. Even those expired grams of concentrate would easily fetch forty bucks a piece on the street. I doubt my boss is selling expired cannabis supplies on the street, but the thought certainly has crossed my mind a time or two.



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