GSC is my favorite hybrid strain

GSC or Girl Scout cookies is a hybrid marijuana strain that is indica-dominant.

  • Girl Scout cookies strain is made from Durban Poison and OG Kush.

These are two of the most famous marijuana strains on the market. The strain has won many awards for it’s fruitful flavors, high yield, and low flowering time. In marijuana flower form, GSC usually has a THC level around 20%. I’ve been getting GS see at 30% or higher for the last 6 months. GSC is absolutely one of my favorites. It has a sweet aroma and a nice citrus flavor. Girl Scout cookies has a ton of variations including Platinum GSC, thin mints, and animal mints. While it is easy to find several different hybrid strains with GSC, finding the strain in high THC percentages is uncommon. My favorite dispensary carries the GSC in one brand and it happens to be one of the cheapest marijuana cultivars in the entire state. The 31.9% Girl Scout cookies strain is only $20 per eighth. Some places charge forty or fifty dollars for the same exact weed strain. Last month, the same dispensary also had a sale on flower products. Everything was 20% off regular retail price. I picked up the 31% GSC for only $16/eighth. I filled my order and got eight bags of the delicious and sweet strain. It’s uncommon for the pot shop to offer sales on marijuana flower, so I do my best to stock up whenever possible. Most days, sales include edibles, tinctures, vape supplies, and concentrate. Seeing the flower on sale was a dream come true.


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