Girl Scout cookies strain was off the chain

I began to use marijuana around the time that I was 18 years old.

I had no idea about different strains and the difference between indica and sativa.

I just knew that my friends and I were buying weed and getting high. Every one of us often joked around about the names of the weed being made up even though they were all the same exact screen. When it became apparent, it was due to the fact that all of the strains seems it to look exactly alike. When the state legalized cannabis for recreational use, the names of the strains became even more ludicrous. Rude Boy, Wicked girl, chemdawg, and kitchen sink are some of the crazy names of marijuana strains that come to my mind. My number one dispensary has quality sativa and also Indica strains. I rarely go for something hybrid, because I don’t like to muddy up the water. When the dispensary had a sale on hybrid strains last week, I decided to try Girl Scout cookies for the first time. The 27% THC strain was absolutely amazing. The Girl Scout Cookies strain was evenly balanced. I was surprised that the wax concentrate was so affordable. The Girl Scout cookies wax is great to use during the afternoon when you might not have to worry about going anywhere for the rest of the day. It is possible to still work hard on Girl Scout cookies, but it is much better if you can sit, relax, and enjoy the ride. The high can last for hours.