Dementia cannot be cured, but it can be helped

It’s never been very simple to watch a person that you love suffer.

When there is something really odd about watching your hero become demented, it can still happen at ages of life. Besides this has easily been the case for me while my dad is coming up with dementia. We are finding a lot of help from medical weed plus it is easily amazing to witness some of the changes. The dementia my dad has feeling has easily been creeping up for more than a few years. Time has easily come to a place where he is no longer able to care for himself. My sister plus myself help with the care of him and she lives with a single of the other of us. My sister decided to get educated on medical weed in hopes that there would be an alternative to some of the medicines they gave my dad. It became difficult to find ways for the medicine to help. He was still incredibly confused plus also disoriented. After one trip to a legal weed store, we have found that cannabis can make a huge difference. Cannabis flower products like smokeables did not seem to be something that Dad would use so we purchase them weed gummies. The Cannabis gummies seemed to be what exactly was the right thing for us. They have a very serious calming effect and it seems that Dad is not terrorized much anymore when he cannot figure out how things work. Dementia cannot easily be cured, but some of the symptoms can be helped using legal medical weed and cannabis products.


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