Delivery fees can add up very quickly

It was easily convenient to get a bunch of different items delivered to my own apartment over these last couple of months.

I certainly did not want to expose myself to the coronavirus, so I did my best to stay home.

I made orders on websites and used apartment delivery services to have those items brought directly to my home. I never left the building. Some of the stores have delivery drivers that can bring items to you within an hour. Other stores easily have these contracts with companies that deliver the items for them. They have no control over how long it might actually take and the store does not find themselves affiliated with these companies. I was certainly excited to find that the Cannabis shops in the area were all going to offer free delivery when they didn’t want people in the store as much during Coronavirus. One dispensary had charges and also exclusions in order to qualify for the free delivery. For instance, we typically have to spend $100 for free delivery. A few of the dispensaries will even charge you $200 for these same deliveries. Some of them won’t let you use the savings toward these sales. I believe the delivery fees are a second tax on the order. If you try to avoid these dispensaries in order to limit your exposure, it’s important to find a delivery service that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg every time you need medical marijuana supplies. The fees add up very quickly.

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