CBD oil coming from the lab will always test higher

My mother was in this horrific car accident and she was forced to have multiple surgeries to correct the Damage Done to her body.

It is difficult to listen to my mother crying in pain everyday when she wakes up from her Slumber.

She has a difficult time getting out of the bed and it is number one due to this accident. Until she begins to move and also take the bi-weekly medication, she can barely move around due to the pain in her back. I was feeling very sad and Powerless to see my mom in this shape. She wasn’t very interested in taking something for the pain, because she was worried about addiction problems. Other than muscle relaxants, opioids are one of the only things that can help with the pain. When a healthcare provider mentioned using medical cannabis, I researched the treatments to see if it was safe for my mom. I read pages and pages of information and I also read through college studies that were done on lab rats and mice to see if the effectiveness of the CBD oil was true. The CBD purchased inside of cannabis dispensaries is much more likely to have all of the cannabinoids it is supposed to have. Some of the items purchased in other stores may not come from a company that has been approved by the FDA. The best CBD oil comes from the Cannabis sativa plant and can be purchased at any medical or recreational cannabis dispensary.


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