I love being a cannabis delivery driver

I love being in the car, and it is so fantastic driving, listening to songs in addition to just being with my own thoughts.

I properly like driving alone because I can just think, daydream or listen to a podcast, occasionally I find a lay up from my preferred comedian in addition to listen to it while driving.

I always knew my profession would be 1 based in a vehicle. I used to drive the giant trucks from state to state with different supplies. The companies I worked for weren’t really nice in addition to the other workers were awful. I then did a grocery delivery maintenance that was a bit better, but the customers always complained to me, now I am in my dream job; Cannabis dispensaries have broadened their reach in addition to responded well due to COVID; Basically every cannabis shop in neighborhood offers cannabis delivery for a small fee. It was great in the height of the virus when everyone had to social distance. It then was actually nice just for convenience sake. I work for a cannabis dispensary that has a really wide delivery range. I pick up the cannabis products early in the morning in addition to do my driving routes. It is about a few hours many nights a month in addition to I make nice cash in tips! Every buyer I hand the cannabis products off to are cheerful in addition to friendly. Everyone is gleeful to see myself and others in addition to nobody has a complaint about the dispensary I work for. I could see being a cannabis delivery driver as my long term career. I could work for a larger dispensary in addition to honestly do this 9-5.

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