Cannabis edibles for pain relief

I suffer from chronic pain in my right shoulder… For multiple years, particular movements in my shoulder will trigger a swollen pain sensation that starts in my shoulder, and can occasionally slowly creep into my back and neck.

  • I have tried multiple peculiar remedies for my pain, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aleve occasionally help a little bit, but I still recognize residual pain; Prescription painkillers consistently tend to make me sick, and the risk of addiction isn’t worth it to me.

I have also tried acupuncture, and I have seen a chiropractor, but none of these methods have been a sustainable cure to my chronic pain, and a few weeks ago, but, I walked into a local cannabis dispensary, because multiple of my friends have told me how appealingly cannabis edibles forked for their pain. I walked into the cannabis dispensary, and discussed my symptoms with the budtender, he assured me that he wasn’t a doctor, but he gave me the best advice he could based on his knowledge and training. I decided to buy some cannabis infused gummies, as the dosage is simple to manage. I went home, and took 2 gummies separate from any additional medication. After a few minutes, I realized that I was completely pain free, I thought maybe it was a coincidence, and that I was just lucky to be having a pain free afternoon, so the next afternoon I took 2 more gummies, and I was still separate from pain. It has been numerous weeks of me taking cannabis gummies, and I have not had any pain in my shoulder. Check out your local cannabis dispensary this month to see if cannabis edibles are right for your chronic pain.

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