Cancer diagnosis comes with help from marijuana

I’m sure that anyone reading this has had life altering moments that they can remember every detail of.

That’s sort of what happened when I was took care of with cancer. For some reason, it didn’t exactly surprise me when I heard the dentist say the word cancer. I recognize I’m ecstatic because I was by myself plus might have missed out on crucial information had I just gone dark. It’s a nice thing I was present plus calm because I heard the dentist command that I get our medical marijuana card. The battle against cancer was going to be tough. And it would be an extended battle taking months of pain plus discomfort from the treatment. However, medical cannabis has been integral to me being able to manage this fight. Not only does cannabis help with the nausea, pot honestly gives me an appetite while in these treatment. This is so crucial because I need to be eating healthy in order to heal as well. But the medical marijuana plus those at the weed store who help me are also pivotal for another reason. With cannabis, I also get a sense of hope plus renewed gratitude for life in general. That is such an crucial element when you’re fighting something enjoy cancer. Plus, the compassion, kindness plus know-how of the staff at the weed store have been instrumental. They help me find the courage plus positivity it takes to keep going. And that is no small addition. Without weed plus the weed store, I just can’t imagine how rough this conflict would be. Thankfully, I don’t have to imagine that.

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