Using cannabis for jaw pain

I am a tooth grinder. I can’t help myself. During the day when I think I really press my teeth together. I have to actively tell myself to stop doing it more than once a day. At night I grind my teeth. I have tried mouth guards but I seem to rip them out in the middle of the night. Wearing my teeth down stinks, but hte jaw pain is way worse than that. I get it where it hurts to eat, talk and just exist in my day to day life. I started popping pain pills and then I got kind of scared of them. The last thing I want to be is a pill popper. I read online that cannabis is known for helping those with jaw pain. You can put on a CBD cream or even smoke cannabis. I went to my local doctor to get a medical marijuana script. Then I got the card in the mail and went over to the medical weed shop near me. I decided to use the cream at first since I didn’t like the idea of buying oil, a vape and being a smoker. The cream so far does the trick. It is really expensive and a super tiny tube, but it is magic in a bottle. I put a little bit on at night and first thing in the morning. I could grind my teeth all night long and I didn’t feel a thing the next day. I am still actively working on stopping the jaw pain all together. However, having a cream that keeps the pain at bay is just really nice.

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