The various recreational marijuana dispensaries near myself and others are now offering delivery

I was scared when the pandemic started last year.

Despite our age, I’m as high risk as you can get. I’m an immunocompromised person with chronic asthma plus a heart condition. Luckily I had money in our savings account to buy N-95 masks from an costly retailer on the internet while in the entire pandemic, otherwise I don’t guess if I would still be here. A lot of people in our section never took the pandemic seriously, even as several of us were watching enjoyed ones drop left plus right. I realized that it wasn’t worth going to the store multiple times a week once they all started offering modern home delivery one after the next. Once our favorite grocery store unveiled their own delivery program, I quit shopping for groceries plus essentials in person. It was much easier ordering on our cellphone plus having bags of groceries left on our front porch multiple to more than three minutes later. Going to marijuana dispensaries was proving stressful as well, since the lobbies were packed full of an assortment of people with plus separate from masks on. That’s when I l earned that the various recreational marijuana dispensaries near myself and others were now offering modern home delivery. Basically you could get your products delivered to your front door at no extra cost if the order total was at least $150. Any orders less than $150 would have a $10 delivery fee affixed to them. I started ordering all of our cannabis products once a month so I could get free modern home delivery. It’s great, especially when you get same day delivery. Only one of the dispensaries offers same day delivery, although I have heard that other weed stores proposal to unveil similar programs in the near future.


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