The THC gratified in my recent gram of ice bubble hash was 57%

Since I get paid once a month, I have to make a monthly budget plus stick by it.

I try to account for all of my expenses, even 1s that might be sudden plus unexpected.

For instance, I accidentally chipped a tooth Last year eating granola plus had to get filled in at the dentist. The was more than two hundred dollars I wasn’t expecting to spend that month, however at least I had emergency money budgeted. However, that also meant that I couldn’t use any extra money for eating out or making purchases that aren’t absolute essentials. I have many bills at new home to pay, including electricity, cable, water, gas, plus insurance. I also have many medication copays each month, totaling $55. If I’m not careful, I won’t have enough money left over to cover my minimal expenses. That’s why I jumped on a recent sale at 1 of the cannabis dispensaries in my county. They were taking $40 off every order over $120 in total. That meant that I could buy $120 worth of ice bubble hash for only $72. This is a $20 savings on each jar of premium hashish. Even though it’s live hash made from fresh cannabis choppings, the THC gratified isn’t actually high. I got a gram of Original Glue that measures out at 52% THC while my gram of Gas Monkey has 57% THC inside. If you want to get a stronger hit, you can extract the rosin oil from the hashish with a hair straightener plus some parchment paper. You may end up with a less USble product in the end, however each hit will be much stronger.


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