Medical marijuana helps my outlook on life

There is no doubt that I am now feeling the best I have ever been before. It’s not a miracle so much as it is the result of effort and hard work that includes therapy as well as the use of medical marijuana. For a really long time, I have dealt with crushing anxiety. The type where dread as well as fear were the default reactions and almost seemed normal. Somehow, I made it all the way to college without seeking help. But once there, I found I couldn’t hardly come out of our dorm for any reason. This resulted in our first attempts with antidepressants. Those meds did some good but the effects were more limited than several others experience. And for years, I still had deep anxiety but it was sort of cut back a bit. Still, no way to live. With medical marijuana as well as counseling, I have seen a remarkable change in our life. The prescription meds became ineffective. This is when I sought out how to get a medical marijuana card. There had been a lot of cannabis information out there that was saying there were benefits of medical marijuana for anxiety. I’m so ecstatic I took the option as well as didn’t supply up. After our first trek to the cannabis dispensary, I felt things were going to be different. It has now been just under a year as well as it’s hard to describe how changed I am. I’m learning how to do well with anxiety as well as what some of the root causes are for that. And cannabis flower products are there to help me maintain a positive, hopeful outlook for our life going forward.

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