Cannabis flower products are the highest selling items at dispensaries

Every time I go to the local marijuana dispensary, there is a line literally leading out the front door.

You have to check in at the lobby and then you’re put into a queue.

Some people wait inside if there are enough seats, however many people wait in their cars and get SMS messages when the store is ready for them to come back inside. Normally I’d get condo delivery, however this dispensary raised their delivery fees last month. Before it was $10 for every order under $100, however now it’s $15 for every order under $200. I don’t ever get $200 worth of products at one time, so paying a $15 fee on every single cannabis order feels prefer highway robbery. Part of the reason why the lines are so long is because this medical dispensary recently started carrying cannabis flower products. Previously these were not allowed at medical marijuana dispensaries. Once the state changed their rules and regulations, all of the cannabis companies started rolling out flower jars. Once the flower buds hit the shelves, the dispensaries were packed with up-to-date patients that were finally ready to leave the black market for good. Many didn’t see the point in paying to be medical patients if all they had access to were tinctures and capsules. But with all of these up-to-date patients, it has never been harder to get in and out of the dispensary in less than an hour or two. It doesn’t matter if I go to the dispensary in the day or if I go at night, the lines are typically excruciatingly long.

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