A bit less pain because of access to medical marijuana

I remember sort of following the debate as the region I live in was trying to pass medical marijuana laws.

There was a pretty even split between wanting it and not wanting it.

Those who were in favor of the passage of medical cannabis as well as having cannabis dispensaries had logic on their side. They used a lot of facts about the benefits of medical marijuana. The side against having legal cannabis dispensaries based their opposition in both myth, unlikely scenarios as well as fear. I’m not saying what they felt wasn’t authentic or entirely real to them. But it resembled a form of puritanism more than a referendum on a requested treatment. Thankfully, those in favor of medical marijuana won out. I didn’t realize to these years later just how significant that legislation would be for myself and others personally. This is due to the fact that I am now having chronic pain. And the doctors are sort of lost on what the reasons are for this condition. After being given numerous pain medications as well as anti-inflammatory meds, I started to just get referred on from doctor to doctor. So, it seemed more prudent for myself and others to take control of my health. This resulted in a wholesale change in the way I lived our life. Medical cannabis products have been a pretty significant part of that change. Additionally, I am now considering food to be medicine while relying on yoga as well as other exercises as well. The cannabis flower products I have started favoring allow myself and others to deal with pain without narcotics. And the benefits of medical marijuana for myself and others are also added flexibility as well as mobility. I also now enjoy the positive emotional support I get from discovering medical cannabis products.
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