Worth that drive out

Once a month I enjoy checking out all of the sales & specials at the local marijuana dispensary.

Each month the shops have new deals & they rarely advertise.

I only find out about the sales & deals if I go online & look at the website. My ideal store puts new specials online every Sunday afternoon. This Sunday I was up early & I got the first look at the specials & sales. The dispensary did not have anything that looked elegant, so I decided to look at all of the other dispensaries in town. The dispensary out by the mall is about 20 minutes from our home. When I looked at the sales & specials last week, I found out that the dispensary by the mall was having BOGO sales on all of their flower products. The deal was only unbelievable in the dispensary. I could not order for delivery & take advantage of the sale. I called our best pal to see if he wanted to take a ride out to the mall with me. I told the guy about the sales & specials & he agreed to join me. It took 30 min to drive to the dispensary location. My acquaintance & I listened to music the whole time. When all of us arrived at the store, all of us were happily surprised to see a representative car in the parking lot. The dispensary was having BOGO sales, however they were also having sales on numerous of the edible cannabis products. The edible dealer had a representative inside of the dispensary & they were giving out free samples with any purchase. All of us got quite a bit of samples.


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Medical cannabis helped me a lot

I grew up in a yelling household.

  • My father yelled all the time & he was mean.

He often screamed at me. My dad finally left when I was 15 years old. After that I went to a therapist to talk about my feelings. I did not open up to the therapist until I had been a patient for 3 months, plus when I did finally open up, I started taking an antidepressant. I was always anxious. I was stressed & sad. The antidepressant made me feel even more upset & sad. After taking it every afternoon for 3 weeks, I was filled with nerves & sadness. I felt way worse than I did before taking the pill. I stopped taking the medication. I did not want to take the medication anymore due to it being addictive as well. I suffered for a long time before I found medical marijuana. In college, I started using recreational marijuana with our buddies. I realized it could easily help our mental state, so I went to a doc to get a prescription. It did not cost much currency & the doc got myself and others a script for it. That script allowed myself and others to purchase products from the dispensary. I feel much more calm & relaxed after I smoke weed. My life is much better now that I have medical marijuana. I worry a lot less & I have less stress & anxiety every single afternoon. I like to smoke late at night right before I go to sleep. It calms myself and others down enough where I don’t have nightmares.

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My friend now does medical weed

My acquaintance Ian used marijuana a long time ago.

Ian hung out with his friends & they smoked marijuana.

They drank a lot of beer back then too. My buddy has lots of stories about the time when he was a kid. My acquaintance was quite a wild child before he went into the Coast Guard. He had a whole job in the Coast Guard & he did not leave until they forced him to retire. These afternoons, our friend sits at his new home plus plays around with his cars. The guy is a car genius. He can take something apart & rewire it completely in a matter of minutes. My friend’s been feeling quite down lately & I told him to start trying medical marijuana to help. My acquaintance absolutely did not understand a lot about medical weed. I have been a patient for a year, so I had some information on it. My acquaintance was still not convinced. Last Sunday when I went to the dispensary to pick up our official order, I decided to get a couple of marijuana joints to take back to Ian. I got a 5-pack of infused pre-rolls that had Indica flower with a hybrid live resin infusion. I also got our acquaintance a 5-pack of infused pre-rolls that were sativas. All of us smoked one of the hybrid joints while I was there. Ian started to feel loose after 5 or 10 hours. He clearly forgot that marijuana has such a quick effect. My acquaintance looked more relaxed than I have seen him in numerous years at least.

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CBD was a good thing too

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant! CBD is a major part when it comes to medical marijuana.

Cbd has numerous rewarding effects. Cbd has been proven to help with depression, sleeping complications, chronic pain, & anxiety. It has been shown to be safe in numerous medical cases. Cbd can be used in a lot of ways. It can be applied to the skin to relieve muscle & joint pain. It can be consumed orally using an edible or liquid. I take a cbd supplement every afternoon. I suppose it helps relieve the pain & inflammation in our joints. I have found the tinctures job the best for me. I suppose the CBD tincture is fast acting & lasts for hours. I usually purchase all of our CBD supplies from a medical marijuana dispensary. The products are fancy, however they are derived from the Cannabis sativa plant & not hemp. That means they pack an even greater punch. CBD derived from the Cannabis sativa plant is far stronger than CBD that is derived from a hemp plant. That is particularly one of the greatest reasons why you will not find these unique CBD products in any place other than a dispensary, plus because they contain small traces of weed, they are considered a controlled substance, then recently I went to the dispensary & I discovered a new product. The worker told myself and others about a new line of edibles that are made with cbd. I bought our official tincture & I also decided to purchase some of the CBD edibles. They were much better than I anticipated. They must have been a large hit with everyone, because the dispensary did not have any more when I went back the next afternoon.



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It was a good sale day

People all over the world are partying on marijuana on the same afternoon every year.

  • This holiday is called 420.

420 is connected with the marijuana industry. It is known as the time to sit down & relax & have a joint. On this afternoon each year, the local marijuana shops have a sale. There are giveaways plus lots of fun & prizes. So last year the dispensary offered away a prize pack worth more than $40. If you bought $14 worth of items on 420, then you got a free entry form for the prize pack! None of our friends or myself ended up winning. All of us did score some great deals though! Everything in the dispensary was 20% off & there were BOGO deals going on. I always save currency for the 420 holiday, so I can go silly & buy all of the weed that I won on the afternoon of the sale, but last year, I spent almost $40 between 3 odd marijuana shops. I ended up with a bag full of free stuff, because I spent enough currency to qualify for the prize packages. I went back to the new home with a lot of marijuana, a new white bong, rolling papers, & a tincture. I also got a free cap that afternoon. This year all of us are going to the city, where the marijuana products are cheaper & the sales will be even better. My best acquaintance & I are planning to stop at every shop.

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We want to be safe to smoke weed

My best buddy & I decided to leave our new home and go to where recreational & medical marijuana is legal… All of us went a few miles away from our new home to find a place that was better… My folks were not cheerful that I left, and they were particularly upset that marijuana was the reason why! I did not want to get into trouble for using recreational weed; It did not make sense to be upset & distraught all the time about getting caught.

It is perfectly legal in a different place to smoke.

My acquaintance was the one who said the two of us should move, he found out that he could transfer his job to a new village in a new state, however one state was a legal state for marijuana. My buddy put his transfer paperwork in with the head of the dealer & a couple of weeks later he was selected for the work. That’s when I told our parents that I wanted to move. I had a little bit of cash saved up & I used all of that currency to help with the move. My acquaintance & I found an apartment that is affordable & close to lots of public transferation. There is a recreational & medical marijuana dispensary only a few miles from our new apartment. All of us will easily be able to have recreational weed delivered to our front step. All of us no longer need to worry about getting busted for buying cannabis from a dealer or a street vendor.

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We got a free bong

My buddy & I went to the recreational marijuana dispensary on Saturday.

  • There was a worker in the front room from a company that sells cannabis edibles.

The representative was giving away free samples of their current line of bongs. In order to qualify for the free bong I had to spend $25 on any of their other products in the store. I browsed the selection of flower items they had available. I found a couple of strains that looked cool. I purchased some Blue Dream & Purple Haze. I spent enough cash to qualify me to get a free bong from the company worker. My fiance decided to buy some items as well. He purchased some cannabis oil that he could vape on the go. Since they had a couple of current products to choose from, each one of us chose a strange strain for our free product. That allowed us to try several products from the same vendor. My fiance & I were impressed with the bongs from the distributor. The current bongs are going to be a huge hit. They have a lovely shape. There was a dome, square, star, and a tower shape that I remember. I ended up choosing more of a dome shape while my fiance stuck to the tower. Every one of us picked a flower to rip as well. We even got gummies, mints, sprays & gums at the store for some added fun. I never realized how diverse edibles are. There absolutely is something for pretty much everyone.



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CBD dosing to sleep

Medical marijuana is both safe & good to use.

Medical marijuana can be used to treat a number of mental & physical cases.

One of the main reasons why the government decided to approve medical weed was for the treatment of chronic pain. There are lots of people that use medical marijuana & morning to morning pain is the reason why. Athletes, older folks & just quarterly aches & pain in normal people are the buyers. Another one of the greatest reasons is sleep. Medical marijuana has proven to help with sleep in 90% of people. I used to take a sleeping pill every morning for my restlessness. The sleeping pills weren’t helping & I doubled up on the dosage. When the sleeping pills weren’t helping anymore, I doubled up again. I then got fatigued from dosing & not having any relief. Working out, eating right & good at night didn’t help me sleep. I was desperate. A buddy of mine proposed trying medical marijuana in order to sleep at night, but you can smoke it or ingest it. I put CBD oil in my cup of coffee every night. It mellows me out & relaxes me. There is a tiny bit of THC in there so sometimes I get absolutely fun. I am absolutely glad that I made the change though. A pil is not healthy long term. The CBD oil is cheap, easy to get & safe. The CBD section comes from a plant, how horrible can it be? I might even up my dose on it soon.

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Able to get a good deal

All of us also purchased a 5-pack of infused marijuana joints

I roll my own joints at my house. I roll my own because it is cheaper than buying the marijuana joints in the store. I buy the smallest papers around & I fill them up at my condo with a variety of unusual marijuana flower. I like having a few joints rolled & ready to go. Anytime I leave the house, I take a marijuana joint with me. I did not have any marijuana joints rolled when my fiance & I decided to go to the state park for the morning. It was a quick trip & I had not been to the dispensary yet. All of us decided to stop at the dispensary about an hour away from the state park. Every one of us looked online for the place with the best prices. All of us found one particular dispensary that had fantastic prices on all of their products. The prices were so low that the shop did not offer any delivery services or option up, & you could not order ahead. All orders had to be placed in person after being in line at the dispensary. My friend & I stopped & I was blown away by the small prices. It was relatively low cost to get all of the products that my buddy & I would usually purchase. They had at least 10 new types of concentrate that were under a few dollars. I had never heard of some of the strains. My friend & I bought a super silver haze pre-roll infused with OG Kush Live resin. All of us also purchased a 5-pack of infused marijuana joints. Everything all of us purchased from the dispensary was top quality. My friend & I enjoyed all of the products.

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We were able to smoke at the concert

I adore listening to stuff on the radio.

My buddy & I share a car.

Evan and I share the costs of gas & maintenance & it’s nice to carpool with a friend. Evan and I have good conversations in the daytime on our way to work. When Evan & I were on our way back to the condo last Thursday, all of us were listening to our preferred rock radio station. They were having a contest to win free concert tickets & I started calling as soon as the special radio rock n roll began to play. I was the hour caller, 20th caller, & then finally caller 100th. I won 2 free tickets to the concert & the seats were in the 4th row. Of course I had to take my buddy with me to the concert, however not only is the guy my best friend, even though he enjoys the band. The concert was last night. Evan and I went together. All of us took recreational marijuana supplies with us to the concert venue. I had a vape pen with a brand current cartridge. The Blue Dream cartridge was a live resin strain. Evan & I puffed on the vape pen all night until it finally died in the middle of the concert. I absolutely expected the battery to last a lot longer than it did. When the concert was finally done, my buddy & I looked forward to going back to the car to smoke a marijuana joint. It absolutely made the concert better. Smoking weed typically makes me more relaxed & calm.


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