The delivery driver was an old friend of mine

My girlfriend and I decided to stay at home on Friday night, instead of going to a movie theater and a restaurant for dinner.

We almost always go out on Friday night, but it was pouring down rain when we finished work and neither one of us wanted to go back out in the weather.

Instead, we ordered Chinese food takeout from a place close to our home. We picked up a couple of bottles of wine from a grocery store on the way home from picking up our Chinese food. My girlfriend and I decided to purchase some marijuana supplies from a local dispensary. Instead of walking to the shop, we went home and ordered our items for delivery. I called the dispensary to give them my order, because I wanted to make sure that I got the 20% discount for being a first-time patient. About 45 minutes after we placed the order, I heard someone knocking on the front door. I knew that was the delivery driver, because we weren’t expecting anyone else. I was surprised to see a familiar face when I opened the door. The delivery driver was actually an old friend of mine from high school. The guy still looked the same, except he was a couple of years older. He recognized me right away as well and the two of us shared a short hug. I introduced the guy to my girlfriend and we made plans to get together and have beers the following Friday night. We had a ton of things to talk about and I wanted to know more about weed dispensary jobs.

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The smell of cannabis is easy to spot

I think the smell of cannabis is very easy to spot.

It has a very distinctive odor, Even before the plant has been burnt.

When I was a kid, I used marijuana a couple of times. It was a fun and enjoyable experience, but not something I wanted to do every day of my life. When I got married and started having children, I no longer used marijuana any longer. I can still Stop the smell of marijuana from a mile away. My son is 15 years old and he has a couple of friends that are 18. Most days, the kids hang out at the skatepark or the abandoned building by the library. Both places are especially nice for skateboarding and no one has a problem with the kids being there. When my son came home from the skate park yesterday, I smelled the most strange and alarming odor coming from his backpack. I immediately asked my son if he had marijuana in his bag. His face turned white as a ghost and he tried to lie. He laughed and told me that I was going crazy. I know the smell of marijuana and I immediately knew he had weed in his backpack. I didn’t want to invade his privacy and make him empty the bag, but I didn’t want him taking drugs upstairs either. My son tried to go upstairs with his backpack, but I told him to leave the bag downstairs. He started to become defensive and he got angry. I told him that the abg needed to be emptied if he wanted to take it upstairs.

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They won't deliver here after dark

When my girlfriend and I moved to this neighborhood, we knew it was filled with crime and trouble.

That’s why the rates are so cheap.

We wanted to move into a place together and this was one of the only affordable apartments. When the two of us moved here six months ago, we were very excited to have three different recreational cannabis services that deliver. One of those recreational cannabis services delivers for free and they have 20% off everything in the store on Saturdays. My girlfriend and I have been ordering from the service for several months, so the two of us were surprised when the budtender called us and told us that they do not deliver to our address anymore at night. My girlfriend and I were very mad, aggravated, and annoyed, but we understood why they were no longer going to deliver at night. A couple of weeks ago, there was a carjacking and robbery in the neighborhood. A cannabis delivery driver was involved and there was a fatality. Now everyone is being super cautious. I think it was a one-time incident, but the cannabis delivery service doesn’t want to put anyone in danger. they will only deliver until the sun goes down until further notice. Since it was already dark, my girlfriend and I had to drive down to the cannabis store to pick up our supplies. It wasn’t a long drive, but we were still disappointed that we couldn’t order delivery at night anymore. I knew choosing to live in this neighborhood was going to have consequences.

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The driver forgot the indica flower at the store

I decided to doublecheck with the budtender before my driver left the shop.

Last week, I ordered cannabis products from a local dispensary and I had the items delivered. The dispensary delivers without any charges, because I am only one mile away from the store. On a nice day, I can walk. During spring or fall, the weather is perfect for a short walk downtown. The weather has been particularly cold and windy these days, so delivery was the best option last week. I ordered about a hundred dollars worth of cannabis supplies, but the driver forgot my eighth of cannabis flower. I had one gram of wax and another gram of shatter live resin, but the eighth of cannabis was missing. I was super upset, so I called the dispensary and I told the manager that I didn’t get the items in my order. I didn’t get charged for the eighth, but I was expecting it would be in the bag. It was part of the order when the budtender reviewed the items. The manager apologized for the confusion and she offered to give me 20% off my next order. I was happy she heard my frustration and did something to remedy the problem. Yesterday was payday, so I ordered again last night. I decided to doublecheck with the budtender before my driver left the shop. We went through the whole order one item at a time. I didn’t want to get stuck without any indica flower again. When the guy arrived, he went through the order with me before leaving the door entrance. I guess the manager really wanted to make sure that I was happy this time.
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A little pot on the day of the presentation helps

I suffer from terrible stage fright and anxiety.

I’ve always had trouble with public speaking.

I had to take a class in college and I barely passed with a C. I wanted to talk in front of my classmates, but it was extremely difficult. I would have probably failed the class, but one of my classmates suggested trying a little pot on the day of the presentation. I thought the guy was crazy when he suggested using marijuana on the day of a test, but he was absolutely serious. He told me that he suffers from the same ailment. He has trouble speaking in front of people, so he smokes a little bit of marijuana an hour before class. By the time it is his turn to speak in front of the class, he feels relaxed and comfortable. He urged me to try the same thing and even gave me a joint to try. That marijuana joint sat in my dorm room for a week and then I had a huge presentation to give in class. I thought about using marijuana for hours and hours, but I was scared. It was getting closer and closer to that time, so I finally decided to light up a joint and I took two puffs. In less than 30 minutes, I wasn’t feeling any pain at all. In fact, I probably talked more that day than I have in a year. The two hits of pot made me feel relaxed and calm and I gave that presentation without thinking or being scared for a second.

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The casino manager warned us about the vape pen

My friends and I went to a casino for a couple of days.

While we were in town, we decided to try some recreational marijuana supplies.

The state has recreational marijuana laws and as long as you have a legal and valid ID, you can purchase a number of products from the store. Most of the marijuana shops had free delivery, so my friends and I ordered a couple of items and had them delivered right to our hotel room. We didn’t smoke anything in the hotel, because there was a big sign on the door with a warning. We certainly didn’t want to get into trouble and we didn’t want to get stuck paying a $250 fee because the room smelled like marijuana. We went to the parking garage to smoke some marijuana cigarettes, but we took a disposable vape pen to the casino. The disposable vape pen didn’t have a terribly harsh odor, so I thought it would be easy to hide in the casino. Unfortunately, a casino manager came over to talk with me when I was using the vape pen at the roulette table. She warned me that it is not legal to use the vape pen inside of the casino, because I wasn’t sitting in a smoking area. She urged me and my friends not to break the rules or she would have us thrown out of the casino for the rest of our stay. She was strict and stern and we were scared to return to that place after the interaction.


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New cannabis strains come out every month

Every time I visit the cannabis dispensary, there is something new and different to try.

Last time I went to the cannabis shop, the bartender told me about a new strain called cookies and milk.

It sounded like a breakfast cereal, but the strain is a wonderful hybrid that is sativa dominant. I decided to try the cookies and milk strain so I bought a 1 gram jar of distillate from the cannabis dispensary. I prefer using concentrate, because it only takes a little bit of product to feel the effects. I smoke weed everyday and it can be expensive if you don’t get the most bang for your buck. The most bang for my buck is absolutely concentrate. Many of my friends use concentrate as well. It can be easily vaped, which is my preferred method. I have a nectar collector that I use for vaping the concentrate. I tried milk and cookies on Saturday, before I went to the beach. The new cannabis strain is out of this world. I only took a couple of hits and I felt a rush of blood to my head. After ten minutes, I felt excited and energetic. I was ready to tackle a big project. I started cleaning the garage. I had boxed all over the place, but I was feeling motivated. I worked in the garage for three hours before I took a break. The time flew by quickly, and I didn’t even realize it was already dinner time. This new cannabis strain is easily going to be one of my new favorites.


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I’m trying to grow my own cannabis plant

Cannabis farms line the sides of the road where I live. The area is fertile and there is a significant amount of rain. The conditions are perfect for growing marijuana. Other crops grow well in the area too, but cannabis is certainly one of the biggest crops in the region. I’m trying to grow my own cannabis plant, but I haven’t been very successful. I’ve never been the type of person with a green thumb, but I thought it might be fun to grow a cannabis plant. I purchased a wedding cake clone from a local cannabis dispensary. The plant was 12 inches tall when I brought it home. I followed all of the directions I could find that explained how to take care of the plant successfully. I bought a UV light and a heat lamp for the plant. I hoped this would help keep the plants alive, even though I was unfamiliar with the growing process. So far, I’ve killed 6 plants. It’s not easy to grow my own cannabis plant. I haven’t had a single successful harvest, so it’s a good thing that there is a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary very close to my home. Until I can figure out a way to keep these plants alive, I’m still going to be purchasing my cannabis supplies from a retail dispensary. Luckily, the dispensary has excellent prices on all supplies including the wedding cake clones that I keep killing off one by one. Someday, I will be able to figure out what I am doing wrong and correct the mistake.

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GSC is my favorite hybrid strain

GSC or Girl Scout cookies is a hybrid marijuana strain that is indica-dominant.

  • Girl Scout cookies strain is made from Durban Poison and OG Kush.

These are two of the most famous marijuana strains on the market. The strain has won many awards for it’s fruitful flavors, high yield, and low flowering time. In marijuana flower form, GSC usually has a THC level around 20%. I’ve been getting GS see at 30% or higher for the last 6 months. GSC is absolutely one of my favorites. It has a sweet aroma and a nice citrus flavor. Girl Scout cookies has a ton of variations including Platinum GSC, thin mints, and animal mints. While it is easy to find several different hybrid strains with GSC, finding the strain in high THC percentages is uncommon. My favorite dispensary carries the GSC in one brand and it happens to be one of the cheapest marijuana cultivars in the entire state. The 31.9% Girl Scout cookies strain is only $20 per eighth. Some places charge forty or fifty dollars for the same exact weed strain. Last month, the same dispensary also had a sale on flower products. Everything was 20% off regular retail price. I picked up the 31% GSC for only $16/eighth. I filled my order and got eight bags of the delicious and sweet strain. It’s uncommon for the pot shop to offer sales on marijuana flower, so I do my best to stock up whenever possible. Most days, sales include edibles, tinctures, vape supplies, and concentrate. Seeing the flower on sale was a dream come true.


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I found some old live resin in the storage room

My boss sent me to the basement to clean on Monday.

It was very slow at the cannabis dispensary and she was going to send me home if I didn’t find something to stay busy.

I offered to work in the basement and she sent me downstairs to clean and sort old products. We keep all of the old product in the basement, because we receive credit from the vendor if it does not get used before the expiration date. While I was in the storage room, I found a whole box of live resin. There were more than a dozen different strains in the box and they were all just past the expiration date. Literally, these grams of live resin were only three days past their expiration date. I wanted to stick the box in my jacket and go to my car, but losing my job would be a nightmare. The awful thought of looking for another fun and exciting job far outweighs my want to get away with stealing from the company. I told my boss about the live resin in the basement and she thanked me for being diligent. She took the entire box to her office, so she can call the company to request a refund. Well, that is the excuse she gave me. For all I know, she might take the box home just like I was thinking. Even those expired grams of concentrate would easily fetch forty bucks a piece on the street. I doubt my boss is selling expired cannabis supplies on the street, but the thought certainly has crossed my mind a time or two.



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