A romantic weekend in cannabis land

Once a year Ed and I return to the city for a long, romantic weekend.

For anyone who knows my area, you might be chuckling at the word “romantic.” Most people don’t think of romance and passion when they think of my area, but in our case there is a special reason.

Over 20 years ago, Ed and I were crazy kids in love. My parents didn’t approve, and neither did Ed’s family, so we always had to sneak around to be together. Our favorite place to go was home, because it was far enough away that nobody recognized us. We would rent a hotel room near the city and spend a night or two being young and having fun. A year later we went to the city to be secretly married by a Justice of the Peace. Ever since then, we return every year to celebrate our lifetime of love… and also to buy some amazing cannabis. When we first started coming to the city cannabis was not yet legal. These days my area seems to have a cannabis dispensary in every neighborhood! In fact, one of the hotels we first stayed in was razed and replaced by a massive cannabis dispensary. The last time we went we barely left our hotel room, other than to buy more cannabis, booze, or to sample some of the amazing local seafood. There is nothing like fried fish, and my area has the best I’ve ever tasted. Before we left, Ed stopped by the cannabis shop and bought a few packages of edibles for the ride home.


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