Stocking up on cannabis products

The place on the side of the lake is called the Bunker.

That’s the nickname it’s had since I was a wee little kid, however you see, this spot is in a prime location, but it has an exhausting and poor design. My family and I call it the Bunker because it has one door plus no windows. Although it sits beside a gorgeous, picturesque lake in the middle of a lush, dense forest, you can’t see any of that from inside! This makes it such an exhausting place to go for holiday, because the Bunker is so cramped plus dark. However, whenever I wish to retreat from the world with my iPad plus my supply of medical cannabis plus get some writing done, the Bunker is the perfect place. If I am going into full lockdown mode for my writing, I stock up on medical cannabis, usually 1 of the sativa varieties, plus enough food plus water to stay secluded for a few mornings. Normally I will visit a local cannabis dispensary numerous times a week. I like to get an unusual strain of medical cannabis every time, just one or two grams worth. The next afternoon I go back plus get an unusual kind of medical marijuana. This situation was unique , because I would not be able to venture out of the Bunker for medical cannabis for quite some time. I bought a wide assortment of cannabis products for the seclusion, everything from OG Kush plus Purple Haze to cannabis gummies, fruit drinks, plus oil for my vape pen, but variety is crucial to me, plus helps with my work, so having numerous fun and unusual cannabis products on hand was the smart play.


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