My dad prefers the things that he likes

When there are serious emergencies and it is life and death, there are times when you will realize what things are important.

After the last month and a bunch of intense storms, there was a mudslide that occurred near my own home. This avalanche has not happened in many decades and it was due to rain washing out all of the bank. Even the hillside collapsed. More than 15 houses seem to be lost and that was including a place I was sharing with a friend. The people I was with plus myself heard the avalanche rumbling and knew it was coming towards us. We had but a few seconds in order to grab the things that we could carry and then escape. I definitely wanted to grab my laptop. My buddy grabbed his cannabis plant. Thankfully the cannabis plant was easily the most important thing that he had to choose to save. Of course Hank got odd looks from other people that had escaped to the shelter. Many people had just their clothes, water, or family pictures but Hank was content to have the marijuana plant. The guy explained to me about the cannabis plant and that it was a desire to keep this plant as a part of the house even after the place was demolished and gone in the storm. The plant was something that my dad prefers to and he likes to smoke marijuana. The marijuana plant probably was a good thing to save but I still decided to get the things that I thought were more important like my laptop.