I lost track of time in the shopping mall

My friends and I went to the marijuana dispensary on 420 and we picked out a lot of really cool products.

I bought some items that I might not purchase usually because they’re really expensive. One product that I purchased was an infused marijuana pre roll. The marijuana pre-roll was free with any purchase. I decided to smoke the marijuana pre-roll on Saturday before I went to the mall. I had to find a gift for my mom for her anniversary and I also had to find a gift for my sister. Her birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks. I smoked all of that marijuana pre-roll before I went into the mall. I sat in my car and smoked all of the contents of the one gram joint. I was supposed to spend about an hour in the mall and then meet my boyfriend for lunch in the food court. Unfortunately, I lost track of time and completely forgot about my boyfriend. My phone was in my purse and I did not answer any of his calls or text messages. He was really aggravated when I didn’t show up on time, but there was simply nothing that I could do. After I smoked the pre-rolled marijuana cigarette, I lost track of time. I wandered in and out of all the different shops and time was the last thought on my mind. I didn’t realize that I had forgotten about my boyfriend and lunch until it was nearly an hour past the time we were supposed to meet.


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