I felt really ill after consuming too many edibles

The recommended dosage for marijuana edibles is 10 mg. Each one of the marijuana edibles in the dispensary come in 10 mg doses. There are a couple of edibles that are 20 mg, but the bag says you should cut them in half before you take them. 10 mg might be the suggested dosage from the FDA too, but I’m not really sure about that. I what’s hanging out with some friends on Saturday and we went to a nearby marijuana dispensary. I decided to buy a couple of bags of edibles and I got a free 10 mg dose with the purchase. The 10 mg edible that I got for free was flavored like strawberries and I decided to eat the marijuana candy when I got out of the car. I wasn’t really listening to the budtender when she was telling me about the edible and I completely missed the fact that it was a 100 mg edible. The pie shaped candy should have been broken into 10 pieces. I did not realize that when I put it into my mouth and I consumed 100 mg of THC at once. I thought about throwing up, but I knew that was an awful idea. I was hoping that the large dose of cannabis would not affect me much, but it made me really sick. About 30 minutes after I consumed the edibles, I started to feel faint and dizzy. After that I threw up everything that I had eaten that day. I was miserable after consuming too much THC.



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