Gambling isn't for the faint hearted

Two things in this world that I absolutely love are playing lots of games and getting high. I easily cherish games and it doesn’t matter if they are job playing games, board games, card games, or even dice games. I am not importantly into video games however lots of things are easily fun for me. I do not regularly wager on University or professional sporting events. I do however choose to gamble on many of the games that I like to play. When I am not regularly involved in this game or contest, I would not choose to be gambling. It is easily difficult to resist myself to win and it doesn’t matter if the game is going on or not. My pals and also myself have this system for gambling that is really not illegal and we can do it at the cannabis shop. We actually use cannabis instead of cash. Since my friends and I smoke a lot of cannabis products, we can divide them up into smaller things. Each one of us purchases $100 worth of items from the shop and then we start to play poker using the buds as money. Since it’s just cannabis on the table there is no reason for someone to stop us from gambling. Gambling is not for the lighthearted or the faint-hearted. It has been nice when I have lost $200 worth of cannabis products and that is my entire stash. Even cannabis can be as wonderful as cash if you have the right people that want to buy it.