I took the wrong exit on the interstate

I work for a marijuana delivery service in the city.

We service all of the areas around the city.

The delivery service area is quite large. I leave the business in the morning with a case full of products to deliver. Sometimes I drive 150 miles in one day making deliveries. Throughout the day, customers can call to make additional orders. If I have those items in my vehicle already and I am close to the address, then I swing by and make the delivery. I had several deliveries scheduled on Saturday and the weather was rainy and dreary. It was hard to see with the windshield wipers on high. I ended up taking the wrong exit on the interstate and I got lost while trying to make a delivery. I had to stop at a gas station and park under the awning so I could look at my phone and figure out why I was lost. When I realized that I was on the wrong exit, I got back on the interstate. It was much easier to find the address for the marijuana delivery after I got off the interstate and was on the right road. I probably could have found my way to the address from the other exit, but it would have taken a lot longer and I would have been forced to drive through all of the residential and business areas. It was much easier and quicker to get back on the interstate and go back to the exit that I should have taken in the first place.


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