I thought a cannabis delivery driver got good tips.

I had a lot of reasons for wanting to be a cannabis delivery driver.

I needed the money and was qualified to be a cannabis delivery driver.

There were the money issues that required me to have a job, and I had heard that cannabis delivery drivers get good tips. Now that the pandemic was all but gone, I was sure that more people would allow person-to-person deliveries, and I could get some of those tips. If people paid a lot of money for their cannabis products, they would pay well to have it delivered. This all sounded bad when I thought about why I wanted the job of cannabis delivery driver, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was getting a job that paid well, and getting tips that put cash in my pocket and I didn’t need to pay tax on the money. When I showed up at the cannabis dispensary, they asked what position I was applying for. I told them I wanted to be a cannabis delivery driver. They wanted my driver’s license and several other pieces of ID, which I had in my wallet. Half an hour later, I was called into the office. The manager of the cannabis dispensary asked me if I ever had traffic violations, misdemeanors, or felony crimes. He asked if I had ever been picked up for drugs or alcohol. I answered with the truth, but then he looked at my age. He told me I had to be twenty-one to be a cannabis delivery driver. I couldn’t even lie about my age, because he had my driver’s license in his hand.



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