Finally getting some quality sleep by using cannabis products

I swear that I will never ever joke around about insomnia again, and there was a time in our life where I thought it was just silly that people were unable to sleep, but when I was younger and up until I turned 35, I could fall asleep in thirds when I went to bed, then before I found medical cannabis just recently, the last three years have been sort of a blur! And I mean that most particularly, when i just sort of dragged myself around for years, however losing our ability to sleep was something which happened sort of gradually.

Initially, I would toss and turn for an hour or more before I would just get up and go watch some TV.

But ultimately, I would just fall asleep in the chair and that wasn’t actually much sleep. It only got worse and I needed to go visit our dentist to get some help, however prior to using cannabis products, I ended up taking the sleeping medications I got from our dentist. But those medications came with plenty of side effects that were rough to handle, for sure, those pills will put myself and others to sleep but it was almost a sort of weak, foggy sleep. In other words, I just could not actually sleep although I also wasn’t truly awake. And so the next day I would just drag myself around in a bit of a daze. My neighbor offered me a little superb medical marijuana information which led myself and others to suss out how to get our medical marijuana card! Once I started using sativa products, I actually started to relax in a much more fun and natural way. These days, I just have a bite off of cannabis gummies an hour before I go to bed. And by the time I get in between the sheets, I am super relaxed and I have a superb night’s sleep.


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