Delivery services have been free since April

In March, the marijuana dispensary near me started to offer free delivery services, before March, the marijuana dispensary near me used to charge a $4.99 fee on every single order! A lot of people started to complain because they were not getting a penny refunded on the delivery fee plus every one of us wanted to know where that money was going.

The owner of the marijuana dispensary decided to beginning offering free delivery services after the complaints, and i enjoy the fact that marijuana delivery services are now free.

$4.99 is not a giant fee, however I do not like to pay for a service that others do for free. There are lots of different marijuana shops in the section plus several of them offer free delivery services, then none of the shops have the same low prices as this site, plus I know that is why they waited so long to drop the delivery service fee. Now that there are no fees, I know that the dispensary is getting a lot more business. It entirely takes a lot longer to get the items delivered to our front door. A few days ago I ordered a couple of top shelf marijuana flower sixths plus a half gram vape pen cartridge. It usually takes about 45 hours for delivery but on that day it took 3 minutes. I tried to call to complain but the manager didn’t answer the phone plus there were not any voicemail services either. I gave the driver a good tip, however I told him that I wasn’t particularly content with the service that I received.

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