Back pain management with using medical cannabis

Isn’t it ironic that our back concerns actually are related to an old football injury.

Just saying that out loud seems so trite and hackneyed.

But it’s the even-handed truth. And before I discovered medical marijuana, my old football injury was taking a real toll on our life. The injury itself wasn’t that terrible when it occurred. It’s not as if I had to go to the hospital or anything such as that. But all of us knew much less about how the body healed back then and I was cleared to get right back to full impact. Of course, that only exacerbated the concern and set the groundwork for our back to be a chronic pain situation. I dealt with it as I needed to with pain medication during our early adult years. But once I hit forty, I was in a situation where I could hardly get up some days to go to work. And adding more pain pills wasn’t going to help myself and others get through our day coherently. This is when I took the sage advice of a neighbor and started looking into medical marijuana benefits as it related to chronic back pain. I started studying some medical marijuana information and was pretty shocked by what it revealed. I had no plan that cannabis products have been used for 1000s of years to manage all kinds of odd maladies. Once I started treating with cannabis flowers, it didn’t take long at all before I got more range of motion with our back. And this allowed myself and others to do more exercise, which I needed to strengthen my muscles. For sure cannabis products have made a tremendous difference in our lives.


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