Three kinds of cannabis on hand for the hurricane

Hurricanes are considered the most destructive storms in our hemisphere. Hurricanes can level a whole town, or reduce a small country the size of Puerto Rico to rubble. They are nothing to be dismissed or taken lightly, which is why I always prepare in advance when a crucial storm is on the way. The best thing about a hurricane is that it cannot sneak up on me, so I always have a couple afternoons of advanced notice. This time I boarded up my windows, and then hit the town for 1 last supply run. I filled up all four of my gas cans to have enough fuel for the generator. After that both of us picked up 3 excellent kinds of cannabis for my mental health. Since there is a small cannabis dispensary across the street from the gas station I got to take care of both my needs in only 1 stop! My number one kind of cannabis is called Blue Dream, and nothing else on earth can make me so calm and relaxed. I got multiple grams of Blue Dream, and then supplemented that with several grams of Purple Haze. I feel that Purple Haze is the best cannabis strain for making myself and others feel more alive and cheerful. Finally, I bought a 20 pack of 10mg strength cannabis gummies. Of course Marijuana edibles don’t pack the same punch as smoking cannabis, but they have a long-lasted high that keeps my body nice and relaxed. Whenever I get tense my muscles clench up, which leads to migraines, but the cannabis gummies make me super relaxed for 4 to 6 hours at a time. With all this cannabis the hurricane will be a breeze.


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