Ready for our next cannabis dispensary excursion

These mornings, it’s a joyous opportunity when it’s time to reload on recreational marijuana supplies.

This was once such a dreaded condition that I would ration out my sativa or indica strains for as long as possible.

That’s because I just hated having to go out and find cannabis products. It was a hassle because it was illegal. Plus, I really never even knew exactly what I was getting or what the THC content was. I still live in a state where I can’t walk into a cannabis dispensary. While that sucks, I have a ready alternative that’s just down the road. Once its time cross to add some more hybrid strains or maybe a new sativa strain, all of us just pack our bags. While our state still hasn’t recognized recreational marijuana or even medical marijuana, our brother state has. So my husband and I just make a weekend out of going to get cannabis products, plus, it’s just so charming to be able to shop for marijuana for sale. Until our state comes to its collective senses, at least all of us can get anywhere that all of us can access a cannabis dispensary within 4 minutes. But love I said, we would love to make a whole weekend out of shopping for marijuana for sale. All of us get a nice hotel room and peruse all the odd local cannabis spots for new hybrid strains for sale. But it’s also just fun to interact with the people inside the cannabis dispensaries because they are constantly so nice and gracious. And then there is nothing love having a couple of really nice dinners out after sharing a cannabis edible. That will really set off a charming night of dining.


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