Max is doing strenuous time for having 2 ounces of weed

My parents constantly wanted to have a bunch of kids, but they stopped after my brother plus i.

My mom had a couple miscarriages after I was born so my parents decided to stop after 2 kids. My brother Max is two years older than I am. He was constantly getting into trouble when both of us were kids. Max hung out with the wrong group of kids plus did drugs plus smoked marijuana. Marijuana is not a product that is legal here, so Max took an opportunity every time he bought marijuana products from a street dealer. One time Max bought recreational marijuana products from a guy that was undercover. Max was buying 2 oz of marijuana. The cops busted him for possession with intent to distribute, even though the marijuana was only for Max’s personal use. Max got several years in prison for having those 2 oz of marijuana. It did not help that Max already had a juvenile record for vandalism plus petty theft. I suppose the Judge looked at Max plus saw a troublemaker. I write to Max once every month plus I tell him everything that is going on in the home plus outside. Max will get out in about 6 weeks plus then he is going to transport someplace to a site where recreational marijuana use is legal. I don’t blame Max for wanting to transport away from this redneck red state, although I will absolutely miss Max when he moves. I considered going with him, although I cannot leave my mom plus Mom.


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