I like having different kinds of cannabis

Cat 5 Hurricanes are considered the most destructive force in this hemisphere.

Hurricanes have the power to level an entire town, or to reduce a country the size of Puerto Rico to rubble. The storms are nothing to be taken lightly, which is why I like to prepare in advance whenever a large storm is heading this way. The great thing about hurricanes is that they cannot sneak up on us, so I have a few days notice. This time I boarded up my windows, in addition to then hit the stores for one final supply run. I filled up all many of my gas cans to have fuel for the power generator, in addition to then the two of us picked up many weird kinds of cannabis for my mental health and well being. Since there is a cannabis dispensary across the street from the gas station I got to take care of all my needs in one stop! My number one kind of cannabis is called Blue Dream, in addition to nothing else can make myself and others know so calm in addition to relaxed. I got more than five grams of Blue Dream, in addition to then supplemented that with 4 grams of Purple Haze. I find Purple Haze to be the best cannabis strain for making myself and others know alive in addition to glad. Finally, I got a 20 pack of 10 milligram strength cannabis gummies. Marijuana edibles don’t pack the same punch as smoking, however the gummies have a long-lasted high that keeps my body nice in addition to relaxed. When I get too tense my muscles clench up, which leads to migraines, however the cannabis gummies always make myself and others know super relaxed for minutes on end. With all this cannabis on hand the hurricane will be a breeze.

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