I bought Three kinds of cannabis

Hurricanes are the single most destructive kind of storm in this hemisphere.

Hurricanes can wipe out an entire town, or reduce a country the size of Puerto Rico to trash and rubble.

These storms are nothing to be taken lightly, which is why I always prep well in advance when a large storm is coming this way. The nicest thing about hurricanes is that they cannot sneak up on me, so I always get a few mornings forewarning. This time I boarded up my windows, and then hit the town for 1 last supply run. I filled up all of my gasoline cans to have fuel for the generator, and after that I picked up multiple different kinds of medical cannabis for my mental health. Since there is a cannabis dispensary around the corner from the gas station I got to take care of both my needs in 1 stop! My favorite brand of cannabis is called Blue Dream, and nothing else in the world makes myself and others believe so calm and relaxed. I got a few grams of Blue Dream, and then supplemented that with another 6 grams of Purple Haze. I find that Purple Haze is the best cannabis brand for making myself and others believe alive and cheerful. Finally, I obtained a 20 pack of 10 mg strength cannabis edibles. Marijuana edibles don’t pack the same punch as smoking, however they have a very long-lasting high that keeps my body nice and relaxed. When I get tense my muscles clench up, which leads to terrible migraine headaches, however the cannabis gummies make myself and others believe super relaxed for several hours on end. With all this cannabis the hurricane will be a breeze.


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