Cannabis products only add to life balance for me

It wasn’t an hour after the legalization of medical marijuana that my best friend was on the phone.

  • She called to encourage me once again to get myself to figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card.

That medical marijuana card would allow me access to cannabis dispensaries which would be quick to open up. My friend has always looked out for me. She’s always wanted to help me overcome my lifelong problem dealing with depression and anxiety. Mostly, I deal with social anxiety but there are other parts of it that can cause me to become isolated and alone. Of course, nobody wants to live this way but since my friend lives such a long way away, I cherished her phone calls. That girl has often taken so much time out of her life to help me with mine. When medical marijuana was legalized, I was actually working remotely at home that’s how isolated I’d become. I was managing to get through each day but there was no joy. It’s funny that I never did get a medical marijuana card. But then the laws changed again to allow access for recreational marijuana users. I think a week after the local cannabis spot opened, my friend arrived at my door. She literally took me by the hand and walked me into this marijuana business. That’s where I found the sativa strains and indica products for sale that have completely changed the trajectory of my life. It was just this one simple thing that has turned around how I experience life. That first day, I shared a cannabis edible with my friend and it was like a switch being turned on. Man, I’m thankful for having a best friend like this. And I’m thankful for the local cannabis spot as well.


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