Cannabis products are a vital area of our training process

I adore interests and have always been competitive.

There was a time where I even competed at some of the highest levels.

These days, I’m just still so wild about tennis. But at our age, to stay competitive, I’m thankful to have access to the cannabis dispensary. Thankfully, the laws in our state governing medical marijuana and recreational marijuana have finally changed, then now that I’m in our forties, the cannabis products truly helped me both physically and mentally. This might sound peculiar for somebody that is tuned into their body and competition. But the Indica products I get at the cannabis dispensary are so helpful when it comes to inflammation control and stiffness. That’s why I’ve been using Indica strains for the better area of a decade. At first, I was able to get a medical marijuana card to access the local cannabis spot prior to recreational marijuana being legalized. These days, I also use sativa and hybrid strains for sale from the cannabis dispensary. Both of these cannabis products also provide anti-inflammatory benefits. But I rely on the sativa strains more for the emotional side of training. The sativa strains help me keep our perspective as I’m aging and our body doesn’t perform to quite the same level it used to. Sativa strains also allow me to just chill out and remember that the main reason I compete is to have fun and to adore our life. It’s not about winning prizes or outdoing people that are half our age. No, that’s all ego stuff. And the sativa products I get from the local cannabis spot are instrumental in our maintaining that all substantial perspective.

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