A new cannabis dispensary is totally within walking distance

I think that the only thing about weed that was ever dangerous was getting caught by the police.

You cannot overdose on weed, nor can you get addicted.

Any cops or politicians that ever said that weed was a threat to society should have been looking in a mirror instead. Weed is wonderful medicine, and it can also unite people and bring them together. Now that legalization is becoming codified as part of the law, I don’t have to live in fear of the police as much. It’s so funny, that smoking cannabis is the best way to relieve stress, however trying to find illegal cannabis is such a huge source of stress? It’s all good, those mornings are behind myself and others now that I can get access to a legal cannabis dispensary. What’s even sweeter is that the cannabis dispensary is only a block away from my apartment, so it’s within walking distance. Even though cannabis is legal now, I still believe it is actually weird to drive with it in my car. Am I alone in this, or are you the same way? My entire life I had to stress about getting busted with cannabis, so I hated keeping it in the car with me. If the cops stop you and find marijuana they could take you to jail and impound the car. I think that is no longer the case, however I still believe a lot more comfortable walking down to the cannabis dispensary and back! After decades of draconian and arbitrary cannabis laws I still have a subtle fear of the police, and I believe that I always will.


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