A better life experience comes with help from cannabis products

As I was growing up, there was definitely no doubt that I wasn’t exactly alright. Yet, I had no frame of reference and just thought that feeling scared and miserable was the norm. Before I was able to access a cannabis dispensary, there was plenty of medications. I’ll give my parent’s credit for trying to help me and getting me to doctors. But those meds just really never did what I had hoped they would do. They kept me from harming myself and were helpful in me having any sort of life. But it was not a life that included much happiness. It took until I was in my thirties for me to find the sort of therapist that would really help. She comes from a more holistic approach and views my anxiety and depression as part of a whole body condition. Instead of the prescription drugs, she recommended I start using sativa and hybrid strains from a cannabis dispensary. I just wish I had known the effects the cannabis products would have on my life way earlier. But hindsight is not helping me and cannabis products are. Unlike all those medications, I now am not afraid all the time. And I’m able to actually relax and just be comfortable with however I feel any given moment. And that’s completely new to me. Using the sativa products and the hybrid strains for sale at the local cannabis spot have given me a life that I wasn’t sure I was capable of navigating. Not only am I more comfortable and relaxed, I’m hopeful and positive for the first time that I can even remember. I have the cannabis products to thank for that.

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