Vaping in the city can get you a fine

I have to be really discreet when I want to vape in the city.

I enjoy a lot of activities downtown like music, theater, museums, and the zoo.

All of these activities are downtown where the tourists and people gather. Last February the mayor decided to crack down on people that were vaping in public. He made it a law that no more vaping was allowed in public and that included nicotine and marijuana. People getting caught would be subject to a $75 fine on the first offense and a $175 on the second offense. The third offense would possibly carry jail time as well as a much happier fine. I spend most of my day downtown when I go to the museum or the zoo. It’s about an hour drive and sometimes the traffic can be a nightmare. It’s best to wait until after rush hour is over to go home. I like to catch dinner at one of the fun and interesting food establishments that are located close to the museum and the zoo. There are also food trucks that gather in this area every evening around dinner time. I was downtown a couple of weeks ago with some friends. We had been at the zoo all day and we decided to get some food from an Indian restaurant that I absolutely love. While we were standing outside waiting for our table, I discreetly puffed on the marijuana vape pen. About 2 minutes later, I had someone tapping on my shoulder and it was a police officer on a bicycle. The guy saw me vaping from a red light traffic cam.


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