The patient’s prescription did not cover smokeable flower

A medical marijuana patient came to the store to buy smokable flower products.

I was charged with taking care of the customer. I wanted to do a fantastic job. The client presented myself and others with their name & birthday & medical marijuana card. I looked at their information in the medical marijuana state database so I could see their prescription & the limits. These pieces of information are pressing, because it determines how much marijuana the two of us can sell to each patient… Just enjoy with any other prescription from the dentist, a patient has to follow the directions set forth by the dentist. Many of our medical marijuana patients have a prescription for edibles, inhalants, & smokable flower, some patients only have a prescription for 1 of these three. It actually depends on what your dentist has written in your prescription. When I was approached by this unique customer, she was asking about the price on smokable flower. I abruptly suggested that patient that she did not have a prescription for smokable flower. The person became immediately irate. She tried to tell myself and others that that dispensary downtown sold her smokable flower. I couldn’t find that information anywhere on the state database & the place lists every single order that the patient has made since they had a medical marijuana card. The database goes pretty far back & I did not see a single purchase for smokable marijuana flower. I recommend the client to speak with her dentist regarding the prescription if she was unhappy with the products that were available. The lady got louder & louder until the security guard stepped in to escort her out of the building.



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