The dishwasher told us where to get good smoke

My boyfriend and I went to a wedding and it was one of the most boring events and parties that I have ever attended.

The whole thing was totally formal with a dress code that required a suit and tie.

The event was held at a ritzy place in the city about 15 minutes from the beach. My boyfriend and I ran out of marijuana while we were in town. We were planning to go somewhere after the wedding reception. We were standing outside smoking a cigarette when we started to smell marijuana. Around the corner of the building, the dishwasher was smoking marijuana. My boyfriend asked the guy where he got the good smoke. The dishwasher told us that the place in town with the best prices is a dispensary about six or eight miles away. He offered to write down the name and address of the place if we were going to go later. He also offered to give us some hits off of his marijuana joint. I felt a little weird smoking with the guy, but my boyfriend was very quick to say yes. He smoked with the dishwasher and then we went back into the wedding venue. As soon as it was over, we called an Uber to take us from the hotel to the destination of the marijuana dispensary. We looked at their online menu, but it did not look like it was updated in real time. We were very happy with the selection and the prices. The hotel dishwasher was absolutely right about the best place to buy marijuana in the city.



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