The addition of chocolate made the recipe much more flavorful

I duplicated the recipe several times

For the past 2 years, I have been trying to come up with a delicious and flavorful brownie recipe to sell to the marijuana dispensary. I have investors that pay for all of my supplies so I can try anything I want. My office is a chef style kitchen and I spend all day baking delicious treats and confections. I have already sold two recipes for cookies, but I would be very happy to corner the brownie market. One of the best selling edibles in the marijuana dispensary is pot brownies. Pot brownies are only on the shelf for a short time and then they are sold out. I’ve had some trouble finding products to compare my own items to. There are only a few companies right now that make the delicious chocolate treat, but it’s one of the most heavily searched internet terms with pot. The last batch of pot brownies that I made turned out to be really delicious. I did not expect the addition of chocolate to make the recipe so much more flavorful. I melted dark chocolate into the pot brownies instead of just using regular cocoa. The addition of the dark chocolate seemed to make the pot brownies moister and more firm. I duplicated the recipe several times. I have a meeting next week with some investors and I plan to present the new pot brownie product at that meeting. I don’t think there’s any way they can say no to my request after they taste the brownies. I only need another fifty grand to get the materials I need for mass production.

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