Stories of selling cannabis

Over the years I have seen a lot of wild things while working in a cannabis dispensary… I won’t name the sites where I worked, because I don’t want to embarrass anyone! But now that I am retired, and living the high life on the beach, I thought it would be cool to share some of the odder things I saw over the last 20 years.

I got into the business by accident, because I was trying to grow my own marijuana plants at home, plus got to be friends with the owner of a local specialty botanical supply shop! She helped me find the grow lights I needed for my cannabis plants, although they never amounted to much, but the girl opened her own cannabis dispensary soon after, plus asked myself and others to come work for him.

It was a much better deal for me to work at a cannabis dispensary plus get a discount on my weed than to try growing it myself. I was not any good at growing marijuana plants at home, and one time I had a man come in with numerous hundred dollars worth of unrolled change wanting to spend it on cannabis, another time a lady brought in a laundry basket filled with marijuana buds she had picked from a wild patch in the woods, and she thought that the people I was with and I bought and sold cannabis, although I informed her that the people I was with and I only sold it. Buying cannabis from unlicensed vendors was still very much illegal. Then there was 1 time a man who walked into the cannabis dispensary totally naked!

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