Smoking at the lodge

I spent a full month up in the pretty Mountains, staying at a cabin with my extended family.

Most everyone else drove there, although I was far enough away that I needed to fly in plus rent a car.

It was a very exceptional time, great in the glory of woods surrounded by my family. All of us drank a lot of booze, plus ate some killer BBQ. The numerous story cabin came with a costly hot tub, which I used almost every afternoon. The only bad thing about it was that since I took an airplane I couldn’t bring any cannabis with me. I guess a few friends have flown while carrying marijuana, although I am far too nervous to take that risk. As much as I like getting high, I know that cannabis is not worth going to jail over, but you have to bear in mind this is the first time in a decade (or longer) that I went a month without smoking cannabis. Although I was too nervous to carry grass in my carry-on bag, I did bring a sealed package of cannabis edibles. Those were a godsend, because although they don’t hit my plan as hard as smoking cannabis does, they still took the edge off; With a few glasses of booze, the cannabis edibles kept myself and others nice plus chill, plus not nervous about anything at all. My booze intake went through the roof. I was drinking 2 bottles a afternoon, although I needed something to tweak on because I normally smoke several bowls of Orange Kush every single afternoon.