Needing a better job

I made much more money as a legal clerk in the local law offices, although I hated it. There is more to a job than how much money it pays, am I right? There is quality of life to think about, because if a job makes you annoyed all afternoon, every afternoon, how can you put a price tag on that? Although I needed money badly, I decided that I needed a break in my stress levels just as badly… Every night after work I would get nice plus blazed on cannabis, but after a few months that just wasn’t enough. I needed a new job, 1 that didn’t demand a drug test, so I decided to apply at the local cannabis dispensary. It was a huge chop in spending money going from the law office to the cannabis dispensary, but the loss in wages was more than compensated for in other ways. I really did not dread waking up in the morning now! I could get up with a smile on my face because I knew that my shift at the cannabis store would be fun plus relaxing. I was much poorer, but much happier, plus on the plus side I got a steep employee discount on all my cannabis products now! I also had access to a wide variety of free cannabis samples given by the major distributors. Some companies deliver cannabis dispensaries with free “testers” for the budtenders to try for no charge, the method being if the people I was with and I prefer their current cannabis strain the people I was with and I will start recommending it to clients.



Medical marijuana