I suppose the price of marijuana could be much lower

The prices could be a lot lower, especially because insurance does not cover the cost

Marijuana is commonly used as a pain reliever… I use it everyday to help with bad migraines. The headaches are worse than any other pain that I have experienced as well as that includes child birth, but medical marijuana can be prescribed for a number of ailments as well as chronic pain is at the top of the list. Many studies have proven that marijuana can treat neuropathic pain as well as physical pain, products prefer medical marijuana are, however, not covered by standard health insurance. If a patient wants to try an alternate therapy such as medical marijuana, the cost is incurred wholly on the patient. The average price of medical marijuana in this state is much higher than the average price of marijuana as well as some of the recreational states. The prices could be a lot lower, especially because insurance does not cover the cost. I can get a whole bottle of prescription opioids for free at the doctor, despite the fact that I can’t get marijuana prescribed to myself and others for the same price, however a a single month supply of Oxycodone would cost about $200 in medical marijuana, then nobody loves to spend my money that style of money for pot unless they absolutely have to. In states where medical marijuana has been legalized, every one of us should try much harder to make sure that all of the patients that qualify have access to the medicine that they need. I hate spending all of my money to buy the medicine that I need, but it is my only choice until the lawmakers gathering as well as decide that the dispensary owners can no longer gouge us on the price of medical marijuana.

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