They were looking for someone with numerous years of cannabis sales experience

I spoke with the owner of the marijuana dispensary for a couple of seconds.

I was looking online for a task in the sales field; I saw an advertisement from a cannabis business, they were looking for a retail SEO consultant. The cannabis contractor was about 30 seconds away from my home. I did not believe what style of position they were hiring for, because the only thing listed on the advertisement was the need for a cannabis consultant. The advertisement said they wanted someone with 2 years of experience. I only had 6 weeks of experience in the cannabis industry, but I decided to apply for the task anyway. I was called the honestly next afternoon to interview with the employer of the cannabis dispensary. I found out later that they were looking for someone with 2 years of sales experience. They were not necessarily looking for someone with cannabis industry experience! When they saw that I did have experience, they were even more gleeful to interview myself and others for the task. I spoke with the owner of the marijuana dispensary for a couple of seconds. The guy seemed to be down to earth plus honestly friendly. When the interview was over, the employer told myself and others that he would let myself and others believe in a couple of mornings! He promised to call myself and others either way, so I would believe if the task was taken, however later that afternoon the iPhone rang plus I expected it to be a rejection call. Instead, it was an offer for a position at the retail cannabis store. The offer included full dental plus health benefits plus adaptable scheduling with every other weekend off.


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