The super hot guy needed my humber

No one prefers to assume used when you are finding someone to be attracted to.

Everyone received a strenuous life lesson today that was perhaps overdue by a long time.

This was the first time the two of us had a broken heart as well as it should have happened at some point right? The person’s name is April as well as this person is a client at a very nice cannabis shop. I task at the cannabis shop as well as work on the deliveries numerous evening sir out the month. The two of us have a currency cash register as well as the two of us are there to help people find the things that they need. The two of us were watching the guy for a while as well as we knew that he was way hot. Eventually he came back to the cannabis shop two or three times in one week as well as I thought that we should go out on a date. He agreed to hang out with me sometime but did not ever use the word date. I believe this should have red flag me but the two of us ignored it. When the two of us hung out, the two of us were just smoking a lot of cannabis. Of course I had lots of cannabis in my house since I was working at the dispensary. The super hot guy was only hanging out with me to get free cannabis as well as it took me a little while to realize before I did.


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