The renewal process was even easier than the original process

It was a difficult process to obtain my medical marijuana certification.

I spent countless hours researching the process.

I could not get my own doctor to give me a script, so I had to find someone else who was accepting new clients. I looked for a doctor all over the city. I had to wait a year before there was an actual doctor that could write prescriptions for medical marijuana. The state really dragged their feet when it came to certifying physicians. I drove all the way to the state capitol to see a doctor. I had to purchase the items from a marijuana dispensary located in the state capital. The two-hour drive there and back took me all day after seeing the doctor. I had to drive there 3 times before that doctor finally filled out all of that paperwork. I was very happy to hear that the renewal process was going to be much simpler. The original process was a bit of a pain, but renewal was done completely over the phone. I received a call from the doctor’s office and they set up a telephone appointment with the doctor for the next day. The doctor called at the exact time that we scheduled our phone call. He asked a couple of questions and then he told me to call back next year. I had to pay a small fee, but it was nothing compared to the original fees and the entire process was a whole lot easier than the first time I was trying to get medical marijuana.
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