It’s better to use CBD before going to class rather than THC products

College is a little bit harder than I expected. Despite taking AP classes in high school, they don’t really prepare you for the seminars, constant tests, and research papers you’re barraged with from the moment you step foot on campus for the first time. I remember being worried about my GPA before, but now it’s a factor that will determine what kind of job I’m eligible for once I finally graduate. And if I decide to go back to school for a graduate degree like a master’s or a PhD, the GPA I earn in undergraduate school is going to matter even more. Needless to say, I’m extremely stressed out most days and I don’t know how I’m going to manage moving forward. I made the mistake a few times trying to use high THC cannabis products before going to classes, but that would cause me to lose focus during lectures. I wouldn’t write as many notes and my brain would get caught in day dreams constantly. But then a close friend of mine suggested that I try taking a CBD or hemp product before class instead of high THC cannabis. Since CBD is legal nationwide following the 2018 Farm Bill, I can find CBD at a number of local stores like the places where I get groceries and the pharmacies where I purchase my medications. Just like my friend suggested, the CBD product helped me relieve my anxiety going to class without intoxicating me and forcing me to lose my sense of focus. Now I can focus in class better than ever before now that I take CBD before I leave my dorm room.